Licensing/Certification Opportunities

IMG_4975Are you interested in an exciting career where you work your own schedule, make your own money, own a recession proof business, have low start-up costs, run a no overhead, 100% profit business, where YOU are your own boss? If so, being a certified Off-Leash K9 Training business owner is for you! Whether you are an experienced dog trainer or you have no knowledge of dog training, our program will put you on the right path and give you all the tools, training, and experience you need in order to produce a successful business that will give you the financial freedom that everyone seeks.

The American public has a long-standing love affair with their pets and their ardor shows no sign of cooling off. On the contrary, their relationship is getting stronger every day. The NY Daily News, stated that “New Yorkers are finding all sorts of ways to save their pennies as the economy worsens, but so far it seems that Fluffy and Fido have been spared the household budget cuts. Americans are on track to shell out over $54 Billion on their pets.”

Forbes magazine reported that pet training and products will be one of the biggest trends in 2010. “The recession has damaged many segments of the private sector, but the pet industry is booming. In fact 2009 saw RECORD sales of $45 Billion and the pet industry is on track in 2010 to exceed $54 Billion.” In the height of one of the biggest recessions in US history, the pet industry saw RECORD sales!

Nick White Celebrity Dog TrainersBusiness Ownership: The initial fee is $48,000 (this includes housing in a nearby hotel for 2.5 weeks). There are very few places  that you can have a up and running proven business for less than $50,000. Especially a business with a huge amount of income potential! This includes your initial licensing fee, Off-Leash K9 Training certification program that is 100% hands-on. You will work hands on with over 140 dogs in this program; ranging in different ages, sizes, energy levels, and breeds! If you are somewhat local, then you could just train on the weekends. For people out of state, we do an intense 2.5-week training period. Where you are training and working with dogs every day for 2.5 weeks straight! Once you have trained and instructed “supervised” lessons with at least 30 dogs and we are confident (and you are confident) that you have a complete understanding of the training methods, the “ins and outs” of the business, and marketing strategies; you will have completed the certification training and you can immediately start your own Off-Leash K9 Training Licensed business in your area. Additionally, you will receive continuous education, unlimited support in-person, via email, and phone for the life of your business. You will also receive Off-Leash K9 Training business cards with your name and information, brochures, as well as our amazing shirts, which you will wear when giving lessons! We will also take you through all the simple steps that are needed to get your business licensed and insured in the state that you are residing in.


aboutusWill there be other Off-Leash K9 Training businesses in my city?

All Off-Leash K9 Training Licensees are given a territorial radius dependant on demographics, population, and location. We do this in order to eliminate competition amongst our own certified trainers.

How long should I expect for it to take in order to make my initial investment fee back?

This depends on you, but it should not take you long once you are up and running to make this initial fee back! If you train just 40 dogs over the next YEAR, you have made your initial investment back! Obviously, you can train 30-40 dogs in one week; we usually train 60-80 per week on a consistent basis (not including our 2-week board and train). If you are willing to work hard, lack of clients will never be a problem! Following our guidance, we ensure that you will be more than busy with your business!  We have NEVER had a location not make their initial investment back in the first TWELVE MONTHS!  How many businesses can say that?

Do we work for you?

Absolutely not! You are your own boss! You work your own hours, schedule your training, and manage your own business! Once you complete certification training and we have you up and running, you only need to have approval from us when it comes to how you are using the company name/logo! We do this to ensure that everyone is using the name/logo in the most professional way possible.

What type of revenue can I generate?

video6You can generate revenue in FIVE ways! As a business owner, you get wholesale pricing on all equipment that is utilized for training, allowing you to receive significant profit on MSRP resale. Additionally, you will have all of the knowledge required to teach puppy obedience, basic obedience as the dog gets older, then advanced obedience as the dog progresses through his/her training. This allows you to make four sources of income off of one dog! Additionally, we will help you become an AKC Canine Good Citizen Certified Evaluator, which will provide you a fifth source of income by testing dogs for their certification! Then, you can even start doing our popular 2-week board and train program, which is $2800.00 for ONE dog!

What is the advantage of doing a licensee with Off-Leash K9 Training vs. starting my own business?

By doing a licensee, you are getting a well-established name, with a great reputation, national publicity (as seen on our Yahoo Special) a company that already has a huge client base, and one that has a lot of marketing strategies currently in place. You are utilizing our company name, reputation, marketing, and clients and building on it. Also, the more certified trainers we have, the more marketing that’s on the internet, the more dogs trained, the more client referrals, and it benefits everyone in the company. It is like owning a McDonalds in your area vs trying to start your own burger restaurant.  Also, we have been named top 10 dog trainers in the US by, named top 20 most notable trainers in the world by Wikipedia, have some of the top level celebrity clients in the world (John Cena, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Jon “Bones” Jones, and many more)!

Is there an on-going license fees?

video2Yes, there will be a low monthly $350.00 license fee or 10% of gross sales, whichever is the greater of the two, which is used by us to continue to market the company, make enhancements, and continue growth. We do this in order to ensure that everyone is doing their part to ensure the growth, reputation, and earning potential for the business. This is a very small monthly fee! If you ONLY train one dog all month ($625.00 package price), it covers the fee, and you STILL made a profit.

How much income can I expect to earn?

Income potential is completely up to you. It depends on a wide variety of things such as how many hours you are working, are you doing additional marketing outside of what we provide (demos at dog parks, pet shows, internet, etc). To put it into perspective, our Basic Obedience Package is $600.00. If you train JUST 10 dogs per month, you are looking at an additional income of $60,000 per year. Obviously, you can train far more than 10 dogs per month, that is the equivalent of only training 2.5 dogs per week! We will guide you through the most effective way for your business to make the most amount of money and maximize your income! Remember, your success adds to the company’s success and reputation, so we will go through great lengths to ensure you have everything you need to succeed! We have locations that make from $60,000 per year up to over $1,000,000 per year!

Why are you looking for new trainers?

doggy_school2Simple! Because the demand for training is higher than our supply of trainers! Also, we are looking to expand Nationally and make it a household name! We received every single day from different cities and states all around the United States from people wanting us to train their dogs, but we cannot accommodate most of those requests! So we need trainers in more regions who can!  As you will see on our Facebook page, with over 245,000 fans, we constantly are being asked if we have a trainer near them!

Doesn’t the recession affect the dog training business?

No! In fact, the complete opposite is true! Forbes magazine reported that pet training and products would be one of the biggest trends in 2010. “The recession has damaged many segments of the private sector, but the pet industry is booming. In fact 2009 saw RECORD sales of $45 Billion and the pet industry is on track in 2010 to exceed $54 Billion.” In the height of one of the biggest recessions in US history, the pet industry saw RECORD sales!

How do you help us market?

Numerous ways! Your contact information will be listed on our website, so individuals looking for dog training in your location will contact you directly from the website! We also have our amazing Webmaster who does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the city that you are opening your OLK9 training in! What this does is it will make your location list in the top of search engines when someone is looking for dog training in your area! Essentially, it will help you come up on the first page of Google anytime someone is searching for a dog trainer in or around your city! Once they go to the website, they will see all of our over 1600 (and growing) videos, celebrity testimonials, and then they will go to the contact us page to find that YOU are their trainer in their area! They will simply call or email you directly and you set them up for an appointment! It’s that simple! Additionally, we do a nationwide press release about our new location opening, so numerous websites, media outlets, and news agencies help pick the story up and report on it! As stated earlier, you are also given unlimited business cards and brochures that you can distribute throughout your area!

Do I need an expensive facility to start?board-adn-train

Absolutely not! As seen in our Yahoo video, Nick trained outside at a public park and did not get an indoor facility until he was training over 20 dogs per week consistently! Many of our licensees start out training at a local park or field by their house, once they get their clients built up, then they start looking for a facility!

What if I would like more information or I have more questions about being a certified Off-Leash K9 Training business owner?

Email us at [email protected]